Week One


Photo: Courtesy of a friend.

Hey ladies!

Welcome to week 1 of my series:

____ is a three week series where we learn tips, techniques, and points for our goal of transformation and renewal. We have three weeks to work on ourselves so we can start off feeling revived and refreshed to take on new projects, businesses, and plans that we may have in the second half of 2018 and the new school year. Ultimately our aim is to pour into ourselves, so we can better pour into others. For us women, we often put self care on the bottom of our to-do list after performing our wifey duties, taking care of our children, running our homes, being the president of the PTA, having 5 businesses and ministries, and taking over the world. No wonder we get burnt out and we are tired all the time! Self care needs to be at the top. How can we be better moms, teachers, managers, leaders, or women if we do not take care of the women in the mirror?

This week we are focusing on our spirituality.


Let me ask, what is human spirituality and why is it important? I have 3 kids and I take them all to soccer practice, art club, and taekwondo. I have a job and make decent money every year, of course it would be amazing if I am able to make some more. I have bad days here and there, I can lose a couple pounds, my house is a little messy, I do get stressed out a lot, but hey, I’m still breathing right? Aren’t we all on the same boat here?

No, we are not all on the same boat. When the waves get tough, some boats sink and some boats withstand the turbulence but remain strong and defect free. The difference between the two boats is that the first boat does not have a good foundation. It was manufactured wrong with weak materials and it suddenly ruptured. The second boat was made of strong and durable material that lasts, able to go through anything without falling apart. The question is- will you sink or swim?

People that are spiritual are described as “gracious, optimistic, compassionate, and self-actualized”, according to Psychologytoday. To be gracious and compassionate is to be forgiving, empathetic, kind, and merciful. Being optimistic is looking on the bright side. And self-actualized means finding your purpose, your gifts, and your talents.

When life gets tough, how do we react? When someone cuts us off in our lane, do we curse them out and yell at them? Or are we forgiving, letting them go by because maybe they are driving to a hospital to visit a sick loved one. When our own child is sick, do we throw in the towel giving up on all treatments, or do we look on the bright side and thank God that He made medicine? When we feel lost, when we do not know what to do, when we feel hopeless, when we feel insecure, and stressed out- do we figure out how to use our skills to start a new company, to use our time more wisely, and to follow our passions, or do we just give up, call it a day (or even call it a life), and decide that we are going to stay miserable forever.

Being spiritual provides us with a rock solid foundation. As a Christ-follower, whenever I feel like my boat is sinking, I simply call out to God and suddenly, my boat isn’t sinking. I am swimming, I am moving forward, I am reaching my destination and the waves do not consume me. Thank God! He provides that rock solid boat, that even when I feel like I am sinking, I am not really sinking. When I am stressed out because I can’t pay my bills on time or I ran out of ideas for new income streams, I can simply call out to God. He will use my talents, gifts, and skills to point me in the RIGHT direction, instead of me aimlessly trying to figure out life on my own. He is faithful to provide and to guide. That is where our optimism comes in. How can we be optimistic when things go wrong? We usually can’t. Some of us crumble under pressure. With God, we are able to stand tall and have victory over adversity. He works all things together for our good, so even when we feel like it’s a misfortune, we know in the end, it will be for our benefit.

What material boat will you choose? Will you choose the boat that sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor, drowning in worry, stress, hopelessness, and mundanity? Or, will you choose to work on your spirituality, so you can conquer life. Honey, it is important to choose to have some type of spiritual foundation. If not- you will burn out, if you haven’t already at one point in your life. That spiritual dose in your life will provide you rest and rejuvenation. With that rest and revival, you can be gracious towards the people in the parking lot, and YOURSELF. Kind, forgiving, compassionate, loving, optimistic about your own life. Be nice to yourself! You deserve it.  Plus, since YOU’RE good, you can be good to OTHERS, and in return, people will be good TO YOU. And if they aren’t, at least now you know to be forgiving and compassionate, which will make you feel a lot better than being bitter and angry.


-A Dear Friend


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