Transformation & Renewal -Work That Body Out

Hey ladies! Welcome to week 2 of my series:

____ is a three week series where we learn tips, techniques, and points for our goal of transformation and renewal. We have three weeks to work on ourselves so we can start off feeling revived and refreshed to take on new projects, businesses, and plans that we may have in the second half of 2018 and the new school year. Ultimately our aim is to pour into ourselves, so we can better pour into others. For us women, we often put self care on the bottom of our to-do list after performing our wifey duties, taking care of our children, running our homes, being the president of the PTA, having 5 businesses and ministries, and taking over the world. No wonder we get burnt out and we are tired all the time! Self care needs to be at the top. How can we be better moms, teachers, managers, leaders, or women if we do not take care of the women in the mirror?


Work that body out.

I love to workout. I love to sweat, I love to feel my muscles burn, I love to feel that healthy sore the next day, and most of all, I love to see the results. Exercising is exciting and every workout is a new adventure. How many sets & reps can I do today? Am I going to able to use more weight on the machines? How many minutes can I do on the stairmaster without stopping? This is all so fun to me. Sometimes it takes me a little while to get to the gym, but after the first 15 minutes, I do not want to go home. I know not everyone is like this. For some, working out hurts (we will get to this later), working out isn’t exciting, and working out just plain sucks. I know this, because I used to think all of that. From time to time, I think those thoughts, but it is important to push through and work that body out.

Imagine a life where we all got our workouts in. We feel so much better emotionally and mentally because the endorphins in our brain are released. We feel so much less stress. Our lungs feel clearer and our body feels freer. We are living a longer and healthier life. Our energy levels are increased so now we can actually do more tasks without feeling so tired all the time. We can play with our kids in the backyard and our sex life with our husband is bomb. Not to mention, we look good. Basically, we live our best life, and exercising has no down side.

Ok, so, we are all busy women. Some of us got kids, some got a hubby at home, some got 2 jobs, some got multiple ministries, and some got all of the above. How do we fit in working out? Do we even need to workout? I know some of you reading this might be at a weight where you do not want to work out, but all of us need to work out. No matter what size you are or how busy you are. You MUST make time to workout. You must schedule time for physical activity. We need to put down our phones, and go to the gym, go in the living room, or go outside (which is my favorite), and move our body. Physical activity is so crucial if we are going to be females bosses.

What I like to do is assess my current body shape and note the things that I want to work on. Currently, I need to pay more attention to my arms. I will definitely be working out my entire body, but I want to add more arm exercises so make sure I am not skipping anything. I try to work out 5 days a week, with one day of the week to be yoga day and the other a rest day. **Thirty minutes a day is bare minimum ladies. The more time of course the better, but if you do not exercise now, aim for at least thirty minutes, then do an increase. The thirty minutes can be used in a jog, a run, doing some push ups, or squats. **Some people mention that they feel TOO sore or too hurt the next day and that is why they do not like to workout. If this is you, that means you do not have the proper form and technique. You are doing the exercise wrong. I would suggest finding a personal trainer, working out with a girlfriend, or asking someone at the gym to make sure you are doing the movements correctly.

I am going to list workouts that I do at home if I can’t make it to the gym and use the machines. These workouts can be found on YouTube so you can see the proper form and technique. Before I do that, I want to note that I usually eat a banana and peanut butter snack before going to the gym. It is important to eat pre workout foods that will boost your blood sugar & get you ready for your sweat game. (Some Pre Workout foods include apple wedges, bananas, peanut butter, protein bars, oatmeal, and dried fruit).


Lower Body

(Pic credit: Spotebi)


Sumo Squat  

Feet wider than shoulder width apart and squat. Toes should be slightly turned out and your knees should never go past your toes.


Wall Squat (Pic credit: Workoutlabs)

Head and back are against the wall. Feet are shoulder width apart. Arms must stay at your sides, thighs are parallel to the floor, and knees must not go past toes.


(Pic credit: Spotebi)

Donkey Kick

Get on the ground on all fours. The knee should be bent at 90 degrees, and now kick back. You should feel it on your glutes.


Abs & Obliques


(Pic credit: Quora)


Maintain the plank position for at least 1 minute.


(Pic credit: Spotebi)


Leg raises

Works lower abs. Keep arms down on the side and raise your legs.

(Pic credit: Workoutlabs)

Oblique Crunches

Lay on side. Knees bent as shown above. One hand behind head. Now use that arm and to touch your hip.


Upper Body

(Pic credit: Workoutlabs)

Push Ups

Assume a face down position on the floor. Feet must be together. Using your arms, raise yourself up.


(Pic credit: Workoutlabs)

Tricep Dips

Grab a low table. Knees need to be bent and feet on the floor. Place hands behind you, directly under the shoulders. Lift hips to a hover, now bend elbow straight back and use your triceps to come back up.


(Pic credit: Spotebi)

Arm Circles

Stand up. Open Arms wide and move them in a circle, clockwise or counter clockwise, again and again.


After  I SWEAT, I got to eat some food. DO NOT starve yourself after working out!! It is so important to have a post workout food plan to feed your muscles that you just worked out. Sample post workout meals include a protein shake, salmon, tuna, yogurt, and chicken. I want to recommend protein powder. You can buy some at your local grocery store or GNC.  It is so easy to get your protein through a protein powder. I usually mix it in with some fruits so it tastes a lot better and then I put ice in it. Yum!

To make working out fun, be sure to try out new exercises. Do not just keep on doing the same movements over again. Switch it up! I would also recommend going to gym classes, ones that cost money or that are free. Gym classes are a great way to learn new exercises, to learn HOW to properly do them, and to make new girlfriends. These female bosses that you meet can become your workout partner.

So now you know the benefits of working out, a beginners guide to start working out, some sample exercises, pre and post workout foods, and additional tips…like the song goes, hey we got a good thing, I wanna see you workout for me, workout for me….but not really, don’t do it for me. Do it for yourself.


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  1. Love this! Taking care of yourself Mind, Body , and Soul!!


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