Mind, Body and Soul-The Mind

Mind Body Soul is a three week series where we learn tips, techniques, and points for our goal of transformation and renewal. We have three weeks to work on ourselves so we can start off feeling revived and refreshed to take on new projects, businesses, and plans that we may have in the second half of 2018 and the new school year. Ultimately our aim is to pour into ourselves, so we can better pour into others. For us women, we often put self care on the bottom of our to-do list after performing our wifely duties, taking care of our children, running our homes, being the president of the PTA, having 5 businesses and ministries, and taking over the world. No wonder we get burnt out and we are tired all the time! Self care needs to be at the top. How can we be better moms, teachers, managers, leaders, or women if we do not take care of the women in the mirror?


This week we are focusing on our mind.


Hold up, Let me get my mind right.


So now that we ladies are more in tune with our spirituality, we meditate, we eat healthy, and we work out on a consistent basis, it is time to focus on our mind and brain wellness.


To be successful business owners, moms, leaders, managers, etc., we must take care of our brain. In fact, taking care of the brain and mind is often overlooked because some of us do not even know what that means and/or we think we got it all under control. Yeah, we may have it under control today, but there will be a time where we will not. That is just life.


How do we begin to take care of our brain and mind? Here are four steps.


First step: taking vitamins and supplements. If you do not take a multivitamin for women, you need to get on that ASAP! Vitamins are crucial because sometimes we may not get enough nutrients from the foods we eat, so the vitamins that we take will fill up our bodies to promote health and wellness. Vitamin B12 is medically known to prevent mental decline. A deficiency in this vitamin can cause memory loss and confusion. To purchase vitamin B12, visit your local supermarket or GNC.


Step two: THINK. Reading, writing, finishing a puzzle, and completing crossword puzzles are just a few examples that mentally stimulate your brain. You can even go on the app store on your smartphone and pick out games that help boost memory and cognitive skills. Personally, I am trying to learn two new languages at once. (Wish me luck please) When I am sitting trying to learn and understand new language concepts and words, I can already feel like mind and knowledge growing. I noticed my memory improves as well. That is because I am being forced to think.


Step three: Self reflection and evaluation. This is my favorite activity. Self reflection and evaluation is basically assessing your life and asking yourself questions. What is working? What is not working? What areas of my life must I improve? What must I get rid of that does not benefit me at all? How do I feel about this situation? How can I change this area of my life that I am not satisfied with? Are my priorities in order? Have I dedicated enough time for my family?

Questions that evaluate your life help improve your life. This strategy helps (in my life) keep depression at bay because I can actively work on bringing myself closer to a state of happiness, set needed goals, and have hope. It also helps because it has you critically think about your life and makes you think long and hard about what is going on.


Step four: Skip the drugs.

This is a no brainer (pun intended). Partaking in drugs messes up your thinking skills. Take it from someone who has seen people totally change when they started to do it, they think differently, and then act differently, and even myself…of course when you get super wasted or high of weed, you don’t think the same. Soberness helps you think clearly to make the right choices and decisions. That is why you don’t get extremely drunk and then show up at your final exam at college. It don’t work like that girl.


It is important to care for our mind and brain because it alleviates stress. When we think clearly and better, we can make amazing choices for our business, families, investments, and organizations. So that means less stress because everything runs more smoothly. If our mind is improved, we can treat the people around us better, since we are treating ourselves better. Plus, your brain is so important. I mean, it’s your brain. We need it.  No matter what the benefit is- you are winning. Get your mind right, and you’ll start to think your life is great (because it is great, and it will be great).


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