First Trimester Essentials

My first trimester has finally come to an end!

When I say that I was going through the first-trimester struggle, it was truly real. One of the biggest and most common symptoms of my first first-trimester was the intense morning sickness. The morning sickness caught me off guard and I was totally ready to reach my second trimester.


My symptoms:

  • Nauseous- Morning Sickness
  • Extreme Fatigue-Naptime was all of the time
  • Hunger with random cravings
  • Cramping
  • Swollen breast
  • Bloat

Every pregnancy is different for all women. This pregnancy for me was totally different from my daughter. If you don’t follow me on social media, but you do here on the blog, It’s a boy!img_3200


With this pregnancy with our son, I really was feeling down and tired, especially with me being anemic and chasing after a toddler every day.

Some of the things that worked for me through the first-trimester is …

  • Sprite
  • Preggie Pops
  • Olly Prenatals & Iron Supplements
  • Anything with a decent salt content for the morning sickness
  • My preggie Pillow
  • Burt’s Bees Belly Butter


To all the mommas out there going through their pregnancy journey, I really wish you the best. To the aspiring mommas, God will give you your blessing soon!

**Everything mentioned in this post is of my own opinion & this post is Not Sponsored.



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