Day 4 of Blogmas|Hometown Christmas Traditions

Day 4 of Blogmas| Hometown Christmas Traditions

Well guys, if you haven’t noticed by now..I am from a small town in south Georgia and we celebrate Christmas with a historic spin. When I say historic it is in the sense of the Victorian Christmas Parade and festivities. Well here is what the small town of Thomasville does, they throw a two-day parade and festival, which includes music, food, and shopping; you can even see up and down the main street of Thomasville known as Broad St for so much enjoyment.

Image Courtesy of a google search: Victorian Christmas of Thomasville

If you were lucky to catch this event you would have seen your local shop keeper dressed in their vintage Victorian attire. This small town tradition even gave local businesses an opportunity to bring their goods to the streets, which allowed them to sell goods in and out of their store for the 2-day event. One thing that remains true is the support of small business. You may have noticed that I am writing this blog post a few days after the festivities have ended, but this definitely can bring you the holiday inspiration you need for next year. As you may have noticed we have a beautiful local business owner who is dressed in her finest Victorian Attire, she is the owner of Flourish of Thomasville which is located on Broad st. Flourish is a specialty store in which the primary focus is to bring cheer to the customer who may be dealing with life changing circumstances such as cancer. If you happen to be in the area, please check out this beautiful store.

Picture Courtesy of Missy Taylor, Co-Owner of Flourish of Thomasville

Another holiday tradition that remains the same is the Flowers Bakery Company, they open up the gates to their corporate office in which you will see the driveway lined with beautiful Christmas lights which covers the lawn and the trees. As a kid we made it our mission to ask my parents to take a drive to see the Christmas lights all over town. It was probably one of my favorite childhood memories.

You are never too old to create a lasting memory!

So whenever you are in town give the City of Thomasville a try, down town is a great place to check out, but the whole city has a lot to offer.

Happy Holidays and I will see you tomorrow on Blogmas Day 5!

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