Day 5 of Blogmas|White Hot Chocolate Recipe

White Hot Chocolate

Tis the season for warm beverages! Well, it is the month of the December and I can not lie, but Starbucks has seen a lot of me since November, but when I say it is time to pump the breaks just a little bit it is because I have a delicious recipe I would like to share with you. I honestly fell in love with the Starbucks White Hot Chocolate. So I decided to have a chill day and within that day I have decided to make my own homemade White Hot Chocolate. The cost of ingredients is rather cheap to purchase compared to buying a Grande Hot Chocolate or technically any beverage from Starbucks. Hey believe me when I say, I’m not judging because as a mom of two little humans Starbucks has been a way to treat myself.

But by all means let me tell you about this awesome recipe that I came up with that is comparable to Starbucks….


1 Cup of White Chocolate Chips

1 tsp of Vanilla *add more for your taste

2 Cups of Milk or Cream, warmed or steamed

*Whipped Cream to top the hot chocolate

* To prepare you can use a sauce pan or a instant cooker such a crockpot or instant cooker of your choice on a medium setting.


  1. Warm your milk

  2. Add your chocolate chips to the milk

  3. Once the chocolate is melted. Add in your vanilla

  4. Once the ingredients are all combined, give it a taste to ensure it meets your standards.


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