Day 6 of Blogmas|Staying Healthy During The Holidays

After spending the evening of Blogmas Day 5 at the pediatrician due to both of my babies getting ear infections. As a parent, we hate to see our babies sick. With me being a new mom to one more baby I felt somewhat off my game. I really felt clueless on what to do for them after calling my husband and the pediatrician it was time for me to tap out and get some much-needed help.

img_2146So instead of a cheery post let’s find ways to stay healthy during the holidays. To avoid your family getting sick before and during Christmas, it is best to avoid the stick situations. by encouraging washing your hands and avoid unnecessary kisses. Another thing that is to limit contact with strangers and loved ones. Yes, I know that seems hard, but some people do not tell you that they are sick or have recently been sick. We must use precautions to prevent a sick family.

A few things that I am currently using…

  1. Humidifier-keeping the air moist can help with the congestion.
  2. Nebulizer-This is being used for saline and albuterol.
  3. Naptime-Sleep is the best medicine because you are giving your body a chance to heal.
  4. Modern Medicine- The doctor has prescribed antibiotics to knock out the ear infections.
  5. Liquids-I’ve noticed my lady doesn’t have much of an appetite, but she is doing good in consuming her liquids. It is always best to stay hydrated.

I may be sharing a few tools as it pertains to my kiddos, but this tool can really help you.

My kiddos may have gotten sick before Christmas, but this is definitely a reminder to listen to our bodies and practice self-care.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, but the information that I have shared is per the suggestion of our pediatrician. I am using my personal experience as an example and you should consult a medical professional.