Day 7 of Blogmas|Homemade For The Holidays

Well in the spirit of the holidays…let’s consider a gift of something homemade. 

 During the holidays we tend to break the bank for the ones we love, but sometimes the simplest gift you can give someone comes from the heart.


Being crafty can definitely come in handy when gifting your family. One of my favorite things to do for others is to cook and bake. I believe serving others is like one of my love languages. 


One of my current projects that I have brewing is that I am working on a Sourdough recipe. I believe that if you bring something small to the table such as a loaf of bread can really brighten someone’s day. Another thing to bring joy to your family could be a homemade ornament. Something made from a clear ornament in which you can be really creative. One year for my nephews I added their names to a clear ornament and added some white foam beads to give it a snow-like effect. Another thing I have seen is adding birth announcements or even a family portrait. 


It is truly the thought that counts!


Happy Holidays!!!


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