Day 8 of Blogmas|Self-Care

Day 8 of Blogmas| Self-Care


During the holidays we love to do things for all those around us, but sometimes we need to take time for ourselves.


 Before you endure the holiday rush of gift wrapping or even the clean up from the holidays set aside some time to be alone. Having family around can be really fun, but it can really get exhausting really fast. 


Some of my favorite things to do…

  1. Read a book


2. Treat myself to Starbucks.

We all know Starbucks has some delicious treats and it is not cheap. 




3. A bubble bath

One year for Christmas my husband actually got me two of my favorite things. It actually got me a cookbook that I had been wanting for months and a bathtub caddy. The caddy is so useful because it actually can hold a book and a glass of wine. Good job hubby!!!


Overall, take the time to rest and decompress!


Happy Holidays!!!

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