Day 10 of Blogmas|Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Gift Ideas


Christmas is almost here!

If you were unsure of what to get that friend or family member, you can always go the route of a gift card, A bottle of wine, or even a book to catch up on their favorite book club.

jacob s creek reserve bottle with wine glass
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This year has definitely put a lot of things into perspective when it came to preparing for the holidays. One thing that I was motivated on practicing this Holiday season was minimalism and self-awareness. 


I’ve noticed that we all go broke buying gifts for our loved ones and it comes to the realization that they never actually used the gift. Sometimes when getting a gift for someone it is best to listen for an idea of what to get them, especially when they might have a simple desire. An example of this is if you know someone who is a huge fan of coffee and you considered buying them a scarf instead there is a strong chance that they may not get much wear out of the scarf but they may actually cherish that their cousin Donna bought them a gift card to Starbucks or an upgraded coffee machine. 

white and red gift boxes
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While you may be down to the last hour before the clock strikes 12, remember that it is the thought that counts! Do not feel pressured to please everyone!


The greatest gift of all is love! 

Merry Christmas and I will talk to you tomorrow!!!

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